KODIN RAY3000 Ray Detector

KODIN  RAY3000 Ray Detector
KODIN RAY3000 Ray Detector
Product Description

RAY-3000 Ray Detector Feature

1. The middle of the LCDscreen shows the radiation display bar, the more radiation display bar  , the greater the amount of radiation

2. The lower left of the LCD screenfor the radiation range symbol, by the four symbols N, L, H and! Sign that theradiation range of the rise, under the background is usually in the N range

3. The lower right of the LCDscreen for the alarm mode indicator, S symbol that light

4. Flashing alarm

5. LCD upper right corner for the batterydisplay symbols


Technique parameter

1. Compensationtype of GM counter tube

2.High sensitivity, stable and reliable

3.Detection of radiation :  ,-ray

4.Measuring range : 0.01usv/h-99.99msv/h

5.Liquidcrystal radiation display bar and alarm frequency double tips to show thestrength of environmental radiation

6.Energy response: less  than  30% 50KeV - 1.3MeV

7.environmental requirements: temperature: -10 - +50 Celsius;relative humidity: less than 90%

8.Dimension:145 X 37 X 22mm

9.Weight :120g(withbattery)

10.Power:CR2450, 3V battery

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